Elementary Geometry

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  • Edge (side) of a cube: \(a\)
    Diagonal of a cube: \(d\)
    Surface area: \(S\)
    Radius of the inscribed sphere: \(r\)
    Radius of the circumscribed sphere: \(R\)
    Volume: \(V\)
    1. A cube is a regular polyhedron bounded by six square faces. A cube is a particular case of a prism and a rectangular parallelepiped.
    2. Cube
    3. Diagonal of a cube
      \(d = a\sqrt 3 \)
    4. Radius of the inscribed sphere
      \(r = a/2\)
    5. Radius of the circumscribed sphere
      \(R = a\sqrt 3/2 \)
    6. Total surface area of a cube
      \(S = 6{a^2}\)
    7. Volume of a cube
      \(V = {a^3}\)